About Us


Our History

DEM Medical Systems was founded in 1998. Before incorporating DEM, our founder and owner devoted 23 years to the Seventh-Day Adventist Health System. During those years in hospital management our founder envisioned the benefits of medical technology for both health institutions and patients. Back then an advocate for medical technology investments, our founder and president is now a provider with an insider's knowledge and sensitivity.

Since 1998 DEM has been ever expanding, specially, by way of recurring clients and referrals. Above all we are grateful to our God for allowing us to be in business.

Our Business

High Quality Medical Equipment and Services
As a World-wide provider, DEM Medical Systems boasts, not only competitive bilingual Sales staff, but also a highly qualified team of engineers who specializes in site planning, installation, and service of pre-owned imaging equipment.

Our Values

Integrity, Diligence, and Trustworthiness
Integrity: even the smallest detail of every transaction is handled with honesty because we value integrity. Diligence: we work in such a way that we can respond and deliver promptly to you. Trustworthiness: our definition of success includes the importance of long lasting relationships that are governed by genuine courtesy and trust.

Owners Statement

Fairness and Thankfulness
Our statement is to go out of our way in assisting you in every step you need us, be it purchase, or de-installation, or export, or re-installation, or service, or all. Our promise to you is a fair price, and the priceless integrity, expertise and promptness of our company put to your service. Why? As important as our business and yours is to us, we truly believe in something bigger, so well expressed in Deut 10: 14 " Behold, to the Lord your God belong heaven and the highest heaven and the earth and all that is in it."